We Are Curious Storytellers

We work in harmony with each other. Our team is tight-knit. We love hanging out with each other, challenging each other, and pushing each other forward. We finish each others sentences. Within our team you'll find a collective of photographers, cinematographers, foodies, writers, editors, and Curious Georges. We have everything you need right here to tell an amazing story.

We believe everyone and everything has a story worth telling and it is within these stories that we are all connected. Well told stories are an art form and can change a consumer into an advocate for you and your brand. Refusing to ever grow up is something we are proud of and something that pushes our curiosity, energy and desire to make our projects fun. We love asking questions to better understand what drives you and your goals and you might be surprised at the story we unlock as we help you reach those goals.

Meet Our Team

Wisconsin Video Producer Jason

Jason Directory of Photography/Cinematography + Camera Operator + Editor

FAVORITE TV SHOW:  Modern Family / TUNES:  Kraftwerk, MGMT, Lana Del Ray / BIGGEST FEAR:  Bees, run!!! / HIDDEN TALENT:  Jam Skating

Wisconsin Commercial Photography

Kim Director + Photographer

FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Mentalist / TUNES: Lorde, Coldplay, Lana Del Ray / BIGGEST FEAR: Food shortage / HIDDEN TALENT: Portrait drawing

Wisconsin Art Director

Laurie Art Director & Photographer

FAVORITE TV SHOW:  /  Netflix junkie TUNES:   / Lana del Ray and Mumford and sons BIGGEST FEAR:  / Centipedes HIDDEN TALENT:  Talent is for sharing, not hiding!

Appleton Video Producer

Steve Lighting Technical Director + Camera Operator

FAVORITE TV SHOW: Alf / TUNES: Michael Jackson / BIGGEST FEAR: Losing a ring in snow / HIDDEN TALENT: Scuba Diving


Kari Community + Giving

FAVORITE TV SHOW: None – Being out in nature / TUNES: Andrew Belle / BIGGEST FEAR: Technology / HIDDEN TALENT: Organic Farming

Wisconsin Director Photography

John Director + Writer